Thank You. While this extraordinary event has been the longest and most damaging outage we have ever experienced, we appreciate so many of you who have been incredibly patient and at times more than gracious as we have worked to restore services. We understand that this event has been an unimaginable inconvenience, and the impact on your business or productivity is understood, and we regret that this event caused your work to be interrupted for such an extended amount of time.

Below are a few items that will help each customer get back to full activity, particularly regarding old emails and data that has been inaccessible since the beginning of the server attack. Please see below for instructions on how to get your old email imported to your Outlook or other email platform. If you have any questions, please complete the form and we will return your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Also detailed is the new server setup that we have migrated your email and/or website during this outage. Our goal is to ensure that every customer is completely confident that every possible aspect of email and website hosting has been addressed to ensure that an outage of this kind can never be repeated. At Lightbulb Creative, we have been hosting hundreds of customers for over 7 years and have never had an outage other  than this recent event with the former ClickCom accounts. We have put every available levels technology, security and redundancy in place so that we can move forward with the highest degree of confidence.


All customers should now have email on our news server setup and should have received information to access email via WebMail and/or configure Outlook or other email platforms.

If you have yet to have your new email accounts set up please complete the form below, and list the emails that you need activated.  We will create new accounts and repoint your mail records so that mail can be accessed there.  


One of the last remaining needs for many customers is accessing old emails and other data that has been unavailable since the outage began. Below are step by step instructions on how to setup an additional email account through WebMail or in your Outlook,and get all of your old data back in hand.

1.  Visit the following link for instructions on adding an account in Outlook: CLICK HERE. 

2.  Find your version of Outlook and click for instructions.

3.  Use the information below when following the instructions given by Microsoft:

–  Email Account type should be POP or POP3
–  Incoming and Outgoing server: oldmail.yourdomain
–  Incoming Port (if required): 110
–  Outgoing Port (if required): 26
–  Use the same email address and password that you have been given

In most instances, Outlook will automate the process and the new account will populate in your Outlook account pane just like other accounts you have setup. Your old mail an other data will then begin to appear in your Outlook, where you can then manage however you wish.


All website have been restored.  If your website is not online at this time there is an isolated cause that needs to be investigated. We have encountered a number of issues as some websites are simply too far dated to operate correctly in an updated and technologically current environment.

There are solutions, so please complete the form below if your site is not up or functioning properly and we can explore the issue.

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